Save Your Time and Costs of Your Server.

Focus on your goal, deploy and develop without worries.

SAKKU Features

Sakku is a container based cloud platform. You can create containers from your apps and deploy them on Sakku. After that, Sakku will handle all of your application requirements. error control, monitoring, back up and resource management are the most important features of Sakku.

Pay as You Go

Sakku is a PaaS, a real one!
If you want, Sakku can automatically change your configuration and match the number of CPU cores and amount of memory to your workload.


Save up to 70% of your costs.

Collabrative Development

Sakku provides a collaborative platform that let you share your project with others. You can set different access levels for users and revoke their access whenever you want.

Transfrable Applications

You can transfer your application to any valid user account in Sakku.

Import Your Source Codes from Any Repository

You can create your application on sakku from any source code repository like GitHub and GitLab, or your local machine. Also, you can use any images from the different registries or just use Sakku images registry.

Be the First One

Be the first one that will be aware of launching SAKKU and our special offers.


Need more help?

You can ask your questions from technical supports in theSlack group .

Also, email responds to your questions.